The word is Horchata. The flavor is undeniable. The feeling is euphoric.

It is simply a tasty cinnamon, rice water lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar.

It sounds like a tongue twister to some, a memory to others and a new found favorite for many! Horchata is a memory from your tropical vacation to the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s a holiday with the family together making tamales! It’s a yummy dessert when you’re watching your calories! (One of our female employees really loves that one!)

Horchata is our newest flavor and we invite you to try our decadent, delightful and delicious Aguas.  Try it and Love it like we do!

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Fresh, Natural & Socially Conscious — Featured in Hoy (Jueves)

Thank you Hoy and Andrea Carrión for taking the time to visit the Cobá Gallery!

picture of hoy jueves story featuring coba aguas frescas

Coba Aguas Frescas Hoy Jueves Story 071912

Hoy (Jueves) Features Local After School Art Program Casa Cultural in Cobá Gallery

picture of hoy magazine article about casa cultural installation in aguas frescas coba gallery

Hoy Magazine (Jueves) Features Cobá Gallery Installation: Casa Cultural -- Saybrook

Check out your local news stand for a copy of Hoy (Jueves), a special thank you to  Andrea Carrión for her piece on local after school art program Casa Cultural, Saybrook. You can view the digital issue here.

Child Art — Expression, Creativity & Success

For the first time since we opened our gallery, over a year ago, we are keeping an installation for an additional Art Walk. We wanted to give the Art Walk community a chance to help such a meaningful program as Casa Cultural, Saybrook. This Thursday we will be taking donations for the program and present them to the program’s director. Any contribution will help the program purchase art supplies, repurposed chairs and art books.

picture of Casa Cultural Saybrook's child art

Casa Cultural Saybrook in Cobá Gallery

All proceeds will go to Casa Cultural and help put a paint brush in a child’s hands. If you are an artist or have any artistic inklings you know art means so much more than that.  The collection includes works from children ages 3-12, two chairs were collaborated on by a pair of three year olds.

Research confirms that youth vandalize and join gangs in search of recognition, achievement and self expression. A longitudinal study of 25,000 students revealed that involvement in the arts leads to greater success in school, regardless of socio economic status. The study links significant cognitive and developmental benefits to involvement in the arts (higher grades, increased community service activity, and lower dropout rates) (NAPD).

picture of framed art painted by deported and lost children part of Casa Cultural Saybrook

Voices of the Disappeared Children, Casa Cultural

When you walk in to our gallery you will see a row of framed art to your right (see above), this is the collection of the “Voices of the Disappeared Children.” These are unclaimed works of art created by children who have been deported or who disappeared with their families.

picture of art work done by deported child, picture of a skull on a buried treasure map

Buried Treasure

US citizen or not, children of undocumented workers are faced with a tough choice if their parents’ status is discovered. These children have the option of being deported with their families or stay in the US as citizens and live in the foster system. Many times, as is the case with some of these children, families have to move under the cover of night– leaving their homes and lives behind to avoid deportation. Art, not only gives children an opportunity to express themselves but also shine a light on a greater issue.

picture of collection of child art in totem shape casa cultural at Cobá gallery

Art Totem

Regardless of your feelings on immigration and undocumented workers, what is certain is the Casa Cultural program helps children learn team building skills (collaborating on chairs), coping mechanism (art as therapy for autistic students) and channel creative expression (for at risk youth who would otherwise be home alone after school).



The World’s First All-Natural Ready-To-Drink HORCHATA!

picture of aguas frescas cobá horchata bottle


For many of you horchata is synonymous with aguas frescas. You might wonder why it took us a year to launch such an iconic flavor. The answer is simple, we wanted to keep it real, authentic. Getting horchata just right was more important to us than rushing to market with an inferior product.

You’ll notice something about horchata right away, agave. That’s right, horchata is not sweetened with agave. The fact is, agave is a fruit and it was adding too much of its profile to the horchata. A great horchata should be light and hit you with just the right amount of cinnamon — it’s not meant to be a fruity drink like other agaus. Fear not, we used the highest quality organic cane sugar and it’s still far lower in carbs and sugars than comprable rice drinks.

If you’re unfamililar with horchata, its a rice/cinnamon drink that is lightly sweetened (in our case, with organic cane sugar). Our European friends, the Spanish, make a similar drink out of chufas. The name comes from the Valencian Catalan “orxata.” Legend has it that James I of Aragon proclaimed “Açò és or, xata!” (“That’s gold, darling!”). The drink may date back to the Moors who made the drink from almonds as well.

Horchata is so special to us, we used its label to share a social mission that is near and dear to us: art access and awareness. It hits the shelf later this month and will feature the work of the very talented José Ramírez. Downtown Los Angeles as well as other urban epicenters, have been the centerpiece of recent movements such as the OCCUPY LA and May Day. We chose “Marcha” for our Horchata launch because of the fascinating way Ramírez captured social movements in urban space.

For more information on artist José Ramírez please visit his site. 

[Video] Expo West Booth Check-In: Coba

(Quoting BevNet) Back on the floor at Natural Products Expo West for a quick interview with Arnold Ventura, the CEO of aguas frescas maker Coba. BevNET founder John Craven spoke to Ventura about Coba’s new Horchata flavor, one tinged with notes of cinnamon and vanilla.

BevNet host John Craven Checking in with aguas frescas Cobá CEO Arnulfo Ventura at the Natural Products Expo (EXPO WEST)

[VIDEO] http://www.bevnet.com/news/2012/expo-west-booth-check-in-coba