Cobatini your way to the Weekend!

The weekend is here and you are looking to try a new cocktail… Well, try our Spring Cobatini!! Easy to make and will definitely rev up your weekend! Check it out below!
First: Prepare the Rosemary Simple Syrup
Combine 1 cup sugar 1 cup water with two medium sprigs Rosemary in a saucepan
Quickly bring to a boil and simmer on low for several minutes: the longer – the stronger!
strain the Rosemary out of the syrup with a strainer and let cool
Now in a cocktail shaker:
1 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz Rosemary Syrup
Sprinkle a little cinnamon
Shake and serve!
Special Compliments to Sam Abrahmsohm for the recipe!!

Come Camp Out with Cobá and Earth Day Latino 2013!

Credit to Earth Day Latin Earth Day Latino 2013: Camping Out in Downtown Los Angeles


We invite you to come out and join in on the fun! Earth Day Latino is going to be a fun-filled family event on Saturday 4/20, Earth Day in DTLA! What a beautiful time to get together and part-take in lots of outdoor activities, urban camping, art, aguas and more!

Event starts at 3pm and goes till about 9pm unless you plan on camping out! It’ll take place at The Los Angeles Historic Park located at  1245 N. Spring St. Los Angeles 90012!

Earth Day marks the completion an eight week WCVI Eco-Intern Program where several dozen LA-area high school students learn about our watersheds health and water quality, stormwater capture, environmental justice, urban wildlife, and green careers.”

The perfect way to celebrate Earth Day in LA for the young, old and every one in between. There will be activities for everyone’s taste and tastebuds. REI will start registration for camping overnight at 3PM on Saturday April 20.  REI tents will be available for rent but quantities are limited.  If you come on your bike, the tent rental is free.

Don’t forget to grab you COBÁ !!

For more info head to the Third Annual Earth Day Latino Facebook Page! <—- Click Here!









Mango Madness!

With all this March Madness going down… we figured… Who doesn’t want to learn about a fun Cobá concoction they can create on their own while watching March Madness?

We got together with our team and tried out a couple of the Cobá cocktails we make on our own to share a favorite. This Mango Madness mix is off the chain and easy to make. Definitely DIY friendly and many more to come. Oh, we almost forgot: We added a fun outfit for the ladies to pair with the cocktail!

We like to call this a #KillerCobáCombo!


The Cobá Team

Cobá CEO, Arnulfo Ventura, Discusses Fiscal Cliff with the President

It’s not everyday that you can say you’re meeting with the President of the free world. But on Tuesday, November 27th, Cobá CEO Arnulfo Ventura did just that. With the looming fiscal cliff, many businesses small and big are in D.C. to learn about what can be done during to avoid a recession.


The Wall Street Journal has more.


A Matter of the Heart and LA Art

Cobá was founded on the ideal of being authentic and providing the best Aguas Frescas around.  A part of our social mission is supporting local art. Whether that be street art, gallery art, photography …actually the line is pretty blurred. These are a couple of cool pieces we found on the streets of LA.

“Life Is beautiful” This one is truly inspiring for us as it stands in the middle of La Brea on some miscellaneous office buildings.  Even when you’re not looking- there is beauty in everything. We really dig this piece for its simplicity and the fact that the kid taking the photo is looking at us as a piece of art as we pass this mural. You give what you get.

“Flying Car” is a majestic adventure carried away by balloons! It looks as though the car is breaking apart, the people are about to jump out and the balloons are just carrying the chaos. One of our team members calls it beautiful chaos.  We thought this was a gregarious, awesome local piece. LA has a crazy array of street art displayed through out the city and we appreciate the creativity it offers!

“City of Angels” This fine piece is displayed in our gallery off 5th & Main St. We could not be prouder of artists Bugs & Rawbs for creating this ridiculously amazing piece.  The incorporation of our Mascot the “Coba Luchador” features the good, the bad and the artistry of the city. A true portrayal of living life in LA!


The World’s First All-Natural Ready-To-Drink HORCHATA!

picture of aguas frescas cobá horchata bottle


For many of you horchata is synonymous with aguas frescas. You might wonder why it took us a year to launch such an iconic flavor. The answer is simple, we wanted to keep it real, authentic. Getting horchata just right was more important to us than rushing to market with an inferior product.

You’ll notice something about horchata right away, agave. That’s right, horchata is not sweetened with agave. The fact is, agave is a fruit and it was adding too much of its profile to the horchata. A great horchata should be light and hit you with just the right amount of cinnamon — it’s not meant to be a fruity drink like other agaus. Fear not, we used the highest quality organic cane sugar and it’s still far lower in carbs and sugars than comprable rice drinks.

If you’re unfamililar with horchata, its a rice/cinnamon drink that is lightly sweetened (in our case, with organic cane sugar). Our European friends, the Spanish, make a similar drink out of chufas. The name comes from the Valencian Catalan “orxata.” Legend has it that James I of Aragon proclaimed “Açò és or, xata!” (“That’s gold, darling!”). The drink may date back to the Moors who made the drink from almonds as well.

Horchata is so special to us, we used its label to share a social mission that is near and dear to us: art access and awareness. It hits the shelf later this month and will feature the work of the very talented José Ramírez. Downtown Los Angeles as well as other urban epicenters, have been the centerpiece of recent movements such as the OCCUPY LA and May Day. We chose “Marcha” for our Horchata launch because of the fascinating way Ramírez captured social movements in urban space.

For more information on artist José Ramírez please visit his site. 

[Video] Expo West Booth Check-In: Coba

(Quoting BevNet) Back on the floor at Natural Products Expo West for a quick interview with Arnold Ventura, the CEO of aguas frescas maker Coba. BevNET founder John Craven spoke to Ventura about Coba’s new Horchata flavor, one tinged with notes of cinnamon and vanilla.

BevNet host John Craven Checking in with aguas frescas Cobá CEO Arnulfo Ventura at the Natural Products Expo (EXPO WEST)


VEGANS welcome!

The Downtown LA Art Walkers were great last night; we had such a great turn out! One group especially stood out to me – vegans. Yes, the folks who do not consume any animal byproducts (that includes eggs and cheese if you’re keeping track).

Anywho, it can be tough to be a vegan, it is nearly impossible to be a Latino vegan. Well Latino vegans (and other vegans of course), I’m happy to say you can enjoy your agua fresca with Cobá and be assured that no furry friends or their by products were used to make Cobá’s aguas frescas. Are you happy, excited, grabbing your coat to buy some? If not, here is a little incentive; chances are there is a Cobá vendor near you. If there isn’t, give them a call and demand Cobá! We’ll be happy to oblige…

Want some more info? Click here

Want to find a Cobá vendor near you? Click here

S. Nova (Cobá animal ambassador) approved….

picture of chihuahua S. Nova - Aguas Frescas Cobá's Animal Ambassador

S. Nova - Aguas Frescas Cobá's Animal Ambassador


xoxo Nikki