The World’s First All-Natural Ready-To-Drink HORCHATA!

picture of aguas frescas cobá horchata bottle


For many of you horchata is synonymous with aguas frescas. You might wonder why it took us a year to launch such an iconic flavor. The answer is simple, we wanted to keep it real, authentic. Getting horchata just right was more important to us than rushing to market with an inferior product.

You’ll notice something about horchata right away, agave. That’s right, horchata is not sweetened with agave. The fact is, agave is a fruit and it was adding too much of its profile to the horchata. A great horchata should be light and hit you with just the right amount of cinnamon — it’s not meant to be a fruity drink like other agaus. Fear not, we used the highest quality organic cane sugar and it’s still far lower in carbs and sugars than comprable rice drinks.

If you’re unfamililar with horchata, its a rice/cinnamon drink that is lightly sweetened (in our case, with organic cane sugar). Our European friends, the Spanish, make a similar drink out of chufas. The name comes from the Valencian Catalan “orxata.” Legend has it that James I of Aragon proclaimed “Açò és or, xata!” (“That’s gold, darling!”). The drink may date back to the Moors who made the drink from almonds as well.

Horchata is so special to us, we used its label to share a social mission that is near and dear to us: art access and awareness. It hits the shelf later this month and will feature the work of the very talented José Ramírez. Downtown Los Angeles as well as other urban epicenters, have been the centerpiece of recent movements such as the OCCUPY LA and May Day. We chose “Marcha” for our Horchata launch because of the fascinating way Ramírez captured social movements in urban space.

For more information on artist José Ramírez please visit his site. 

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